Questions & Answers

What is the purpose of Abu Dhabi Industry Award?
The purpose of Abu Dhabi Industry award is to encourage National students in their pursuit of Academic Excellence.
When was Abu Dhabi Industry Award instituted?
Abu Dhabi Industry Award was instituted in 2004.
When is the ceremony for the Abu Dhabi Industry Award?
Usually it is conducted at the end of the academic year, to recognize the graduates of the previous academic year.
Who awards the prizes?
H.E. Mohammad Omran Al Shamsi, Chancellor of the Higher Colleges of Technology, presents the awards at the ceremony.
Which graduates are entitled to the Abu Dhabi Industry Award prizes?
All graduates of the Higher Colleges of Technology (males and females) from all campuses (17 campuses) across the UAE.
What is the Academic criterion used to select the award winners?
Recipients of the awards are in the top 10% of their graduating class and professional program specialization.
What other criteria are used to select the award winners?
Award winners are selected on their performance according to the following criteria:

  • GPA (Grade Point Average)
  • Graduation project and work placement grades
  • Attendance record
  • Contribution to college activities and community
What are the Academic Divisions from which graduates are selected?
Graduates are selected from programs offered by HCT in the following Academic Divisions: Applied Communications, Business, Education, Engineering Technology, Health Sciences and Computer and Information Science.
What is the process used in selecting the award recipients?
  • Graduates representing all colleges in the HCT who have obtained a program GPA of 3.5 or above are identified for all programs.
  • Based on the selection criteria, each college nominates one outstanding graduate for each program in which candidates have been identified.
  • A team of Academic Deans review all nominees to identify two outstanding graduates for each program.
  • A joint committee representing the HCT and industry sponsors review these top two nominees in each program to select the final recipient of the Abu Dhabi Industry Award in each program.
Which companies can sponsor the Abu Dhabi Industry Award?
Any company operating in UAE that is interested in encouraging National students to excel in their studies.
What is required to sponsor the Abu Dhabi industry award?
Industry sponsors are asked to contribute AED 75,000 (one year sponsorship) or AED 225,000 (3 years sponsorships).
How is the money granted by sponsors spent?
100% of the donations are provided as cash prizes to distinguished HCT graduates.
What are the benefits that a sponsor would get after sponsoring Abu Dhabi Industry Award?
Each sponsor will receive:

  • Logo placement on the Abu Dhabi Industry Award website hyperlinked to the official website of the sponsoring company
  • Logo placement on the Awards Program distributed at the award ceremony
  • Logo placement on the stage banner during the award ceremony
  • VIP invitations to senior staff to attend the award ceremony
  • Recognition of a senior representative on stage during the award ceremony.
  • Opportunity to display one roll-up banner at the award ceremony
  • Recognition of sponsorship in media releases related to the award ceremony
How to apply for sponsorship?
Complete the Online sponsorship form or Print and Fax.
If the company sponsors for one year, is it committed to sponsor every year?
Sponsorship is for one year or 3 years. The current sponsors will be cordially invited to renew their sponsorship next year, but are not committed.
Which is more appropriate, a one year or 3 years sponsorship?
For the sustainability of this prestigious award recognizing outstanding National graduates, a 3 years sponsorship will be more convenient for organizational and logistical planning.
How can we get more information about Abu Dhabi Industry Award?
For any information or inquiries, please contact us.