Abu Dhabi Industry Award Profile

Industry leaders and executives who form the Program Advisory Committees of the Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT), representing a wide spectrum of Abu Dhabi industries, have taken a unique initiative since 2004 to institute the Abu Dhabi Industry Award. Cash prizes are awarded annually to top HCT graduates, selected for their overall academic performance in their professional program specializations.

H.E. Mohammad Omran Al Shamsi, Chancellor of the Higher Colleges of Technology, will present the awards at a ceremony held in Abu Dhabi before the end of the academic year. These awards are open to graduates from all HCT campuses located across the United Arab Emirates

Objectives & Governance

The Abu Dhabi Industry Award is overseen by a distinguished Board of Governors who ensure the following key objectives are achieved:

  • To encourage national students to pursue professional programs which are vital for local industry.
  • To encourage national students to excel in their studies and attitude which will reflect positively on the country in the future.
  • To provide a venue for UAE industry to recognize excellence in national graduates.